Vegan Hummus Quesadillas

The versatility of the quesadilla is almost unlimited. Kids love them (so do big people)! Great fast lunch or cut them up for a party dish with more salsa and guacamole for dipping.  

  • Hummus, your favorite or homemade (pages 87-88)
  • Pico de Gallo (page 258) or salsa (pages 254-257)
  •   Fresh flour or whole-wheat tortillas

Heat non-stick griddle or skillet to medium-high, using no oil. Spread hummus on tortilla and top with a couple of tablespoons of salsa. Try not to get sauce too close to edge of the tortilla where it will leak out and make a mess on your grill. Fold tortilla in half and place on grill or pan. When tortilla is golden brown, flip and brown the other side. Serve while warm.


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About the Author

Deborah Brutsché believes in uncomplicated meals. Through the power of simple and satisfying recipes, Deborah has created a connection for people who are on a journey to healthier living by choosing a diet that is free of animal products. She gladly embraced the challenge of giving her traditional, Southernstyle cooking a vegan twist. Deborah was influenced by her mother’s and grandmother’s family recipes.

Raising a family in Dallas and now living in Austin, Texas, her cooking is influenced by the distinctive flavors of the Southern U.S. and Mexico and new influences from her multi-cultural family.